What would you do for some extra cash?

Extra money

Good morning Dinks.  I’m not talking about our normal day jobs, although I’m sure some of us have great stories about all the things we have to put up with to get a regular pay check.  But I’m not talking about all that – it’s a whole other discussion.  I’m talking about all the outrageous things you’ve ever done for money.

I’m hoping no one is going to tell us that they’ve done anything illegal or crazy like robbing a bank (we know that doesn’t work, remember?) or hijacking a casino a la Ocean’s Eleven.  I’m talking about anything and everything we would do to get a few (or a lot) or extra dollars in our pockets.

Having extra cash is never a bad thing

I was reading the side hustle series on my friends blog over at Budgets Are Sexy and to be honest the stories were both shocking and comforting.  As you know I’m a hustler.  I work 40 hours every week at my day job and I put in another 20 to 30 hours into my freelance writing business.  Why? Well to tell you the truth (without sounding like a total douche bag) I love money.  After reading the side hustle series it was great to know that I’m not crazy.  It’s comforting to know that other people get their hustle on too!

I’ve always had more than one job, ever since I was 16.  Before I started freelance writing I worked in a lingerie store, at McDonalds, in a kids clothing store, sold candles and I even tried to get a part time job at the cable company so I could get my TV, internet and home phone at a discounted rate.

Would you sell sex for extra cash?

If I didn’t have a boyfriend and had the courage to do so I think my new side hustle would be selling sex.  Not the dirty, street corner kind, but the legit, clean five star hotel kind of sex.  I read the Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl trilogy and it really opened my eyes as to how prostitution can really be a business.

I mean these women had penthouse apartments in Manhattan, private personal trainers, vacationed in the south of France and paid taxes.  All they had to do was get an A list clientele and they were making a six figure income.  It’s a totally respectable occupation when you treat it like a profession.

Would you pick through garbage for extra cash?

This is 100% a true story.  There’s a lot of money in recycling.  I know you’re probably thinking about homeless people recycling cans at the grocery store, but it can be so much more than that.  It’s not by any means glamorous and there are no added perks such as getting your lingerie at half price or eating Big Macs for free, but collecting recyclable goods will put some extra money in your pocket.

I have a friend who used to stroll around her neighbourhood on Saturday and Sunday mornings picking the cans and bottles out of recycling bins.  No joke she made $50 in two days from recycling.  Not bad for a weekend.  She always said “The great thing about recycling is you can make as much money as you want.”  And she’s right.  If you want to make more then you have to walk around more and put in more hours.  But an extra $50 a week was good enough to fill her car with gas – and it’s tax free.

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Can you afford not to have life insurance?

IMG_0354The answer is no.  Think about this…You love your family, right? You don’t want to leave them with the burden of debt in case of an unforeseen even, right? But how can you ensure that your family is not dealing with having to pay off debts while they are grieving in their time of loss?  By having the proper amount of life insurance, of course.

As a financial planner my job is to make sure that clients have the savings and protection they need to be financially stable now and in the future; this includes saving for short term goals, investing for retirement and insuring credit products.  When I approve a mortgage application I always offer life insurance to clients so that their family and their home are protected in case of an unfortunate or untimely event. Although sadly more often than not clients don’t take life insurance on their most valuable asset because they feel that they can’t afford the extra cost. I say sadly because that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Your family inherits your debts along with your assets

The truth is that people can’t afford not to have a life insurance policy to protect their assets and their family in case of an unfortunate event.  Could you imagine losing your spouse or your parent and then also losing your home? For most of us that is an unimaginable nightmare that can be avoided with the right life insurance policy.

I want to help clients fully understand the true value of life insurance as a financial product and as a form of protection for the future of their loved ones. The truth is that life insurance can fit into anyone’s budget and anyone with credit card debt, mortgage debt or other types of personal debt should have life insurance to pay off their debts, protect their assets and avoid leaving debt to their family.

Shop around for life insurance and get three quotes

Justin Thouin is the President and CEO LowestRates.ca, he confirms that clients should shop around to find the best rates possible for the coverage they need when buying life insurance.  Life insurance kind of has a reputation of being a non-flexible contract product and people hate the word contract. But with the right financial advice and good financial planning life insurance can be a truly great financial product.

Many of my clients say that they don’t want life insurance because it’s a waste of money, but that is also not true.  Life insurance protects us in case of an unfortunate event and we just never know when that is going to happen. Having the right amount of life insurance fits perfectly into your estate planning and it’s definitely worth the cost of the monthly premium, but having too much insurance can be an unnecessary cost. With the help of a licensed life insurance agent or a life insurance calculator you can find the perfect amount of insurance to cover your estate needs.

Life insurance is a part of your financial planning

Thouin confirms that “All too often Americans spend more of their hard earned money than they should because they do not have the time or knowledge to compare offers from multiple vendors before purchasing big ticket items” and this has to stop.  If you would shop around and take the time to find the best credit card, why not do the same for your life insurance. 

Start where you are comfortable, go and see your financial institution for a life insurance quote.  You can also ask around and get a referral from a family, friend or co-worker.  It’s a good idea to shop online and compare life insurance quotes in their local area.  Be sure to get a quote for the same type of coverage to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. And never, no matter how much you may feel pressured, don’t buy more life insurance than you need – because then it’s just a waste of money.

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How to work with co-workers you don’t like?

do your coworkers like you

Do your co-workers like you?  Should you care?

Yesterday I witnessed a heated argument between two co-workers in my office.  As I sat at my desk (a cubical with high walls) I could hear these two women having a disagreement about how to pitch a presentation they are supposed to work on together and have ready for our team meeting next week.  It got me thinking, is the right time and place to be having this argument?

How to deal with unwanted co-workers

I didn’t know it at the time but apparently the bad blood between these two women goes back way longer than just yesterday afternoon.  Apparently they’ve been feuding for several years.  Now let me tell you, I’ve had my share of co-workers that I didn’t care for, but never have I actually got in a fight at the office.

Usually when I don’t care for a co-worker I just stay away from them and smile in passing.  I’ve never actually had to work with someone that I didn’t like.  However based on what I heard yesterday I have to say that working with someone you don’t care for must be extremely awkward and  uncomfortable – it can also hurt your career.

Do you like your co-workers, should you care?

I told my best friend about the argument in my office and she told me “The biggest mistake I ever made was making friends at the office.”  I started thinking she was right.  Why do we have to friends with our co-workers.

Of course getting along with the people you work with makes the day go by a lot quicker.  It must be hard to work in complete silence all day because there is no one you like enough to have a conversation with.  But at the end of the day having a job is not personal, it’s just business.

Collaboration can help you get promoted

We don’t necessarily have to like the people we work with, but we do have to work with them.  It may be hard to get promoted if you’re known as the office grouch.  This brings us to the age old questions of “How social is too social for the office?”

On one hand we may not want to be forced to attend after-work parties and social events, but on the other hand isn’t that a great way to network? We may not want to be known as the office gossip or social butterfly but knowing what’s going on could help us learn about promotions.  So where do we draw the line?  Maybe it’s when it comes to our money.

I don’t mind being social at work because it makes the day a little more pleasant, but if having a friendship with someone affects my pay check then I’ll have to cut them off.  I will collaborate with a co-worker that I don’t like if it makes me look good and helps me advance in the workplace.  But if I get to choose who I collaborate with, of course I would pick someone I like.  It just makes everything easier if you can work with people who are easier to get along with.

Have you ever had to work with someone you don’t like?

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